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Our Tredyffrin Township Supervisor Candidates

We trust you find this data,

along with the current Board of Supervisors’ plan for additional “diverse housing”,

the trash collection situation, and more, as unacceptable as we do.


We believe fairly monolithic approaches to our township’s challenges

have been significant factors throughout it all.

As our community's more conservative residents

continue without representation on the 7-member Board of Supervisors,

we are running for 3 of its seats this November 7th.

With your vote & support, once elected we will work to ensure we:

RESUME Open Space Preservation

REPRIORITIZE Township Projects

REINSTATE Fiscal Transparency​

REQUIRE Bipartisan Decision-Making

RESPECT Tredyffrin Taxpayer Funds

Click on each of their images to review their LinkedIn professional backgrounds.

We also hope you will help fund their campaigns through the donation link above.

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