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Our PA General Assembly Candidates
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About Duane

Duane is a lifelong Chester County resident, and lives a life of service.

He has served his community in multiple roles:

  • Army Captain

  • State Representative

  • Political Science Professor


As Senator, Duane will continue to serve the people of Chester County and protect our way of life.

    About Regina

Each of Regina's policy priorities for

Pennsylvania takes into account

the recognition that for real

progress to occur, we need to be

driven by common purpose, not

common politics.  

As such, she is especially interested

in local governance structures that

ensure fair representation of all

taxpayers and parents, immigration

policies that don't prioritize illegal

aliens above Americans or legal

immigrants, voting systems that

don't disenfranchise voters,

education paths that are diverse and far-reaching and common ground on issues of life and death.

Both of Regina's sons were born in Russia, she is married to the son of an Italian immigrant, and is the daughter of Cuban immigrants.  She was the first in her family to be born in America, was raised in Puerto Rico where half her family still resides, is a cancer survivor and is proficient in multiple languages.  She has lived in Chester County for over 20 years. 

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