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Our T/E School Board Director Candidates

As concerned parents & taxpayers, they all believe that the lack of bipartisan decision-making in matters related to our children's education and tax dollars has played a role in the decline of our schools' performance and rise in expenditures.

As independent-minded conservatives they want a school board that seeks & values representation from different points of view.

Since our community's more conservative members still lack it, they decided to run for T/E School Board Directors this November 7th.
With your vote & support they will secure a seat at the table & immediately work to:



Math, Science & Reading Proficiency Decline


Academic Instruction and Performance


Fiscal & Curriculum Transparency


Bipartisan Decision-Making



Parental Authority

Click on each of their images to acces a personal video message at

There you can also review their backgrounds, contact them and help their campaigns with a donation.

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