Raffi Terzian

Township Supervisor (District 1)

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Raffi Terzian and his family (his wife Rosanne and four children - 22,20,18 and 15 have lived in the Deepdale section of Tredyffrin Township for 16 years. Raffi was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He enjoys spending time with family, listening to music and is passionate about his favorite sports teams (Eagles and Phillies). Professionally, Raffi is a board certified Emergency Physician with a background in Public Health, and has been working in health advocacy for the past 12 years.

Raffi believes in service to our community and believes that Tredyffrin is a wonderful place that offers so much for those who work and live here. Over the years, Raffi and his family have participated in TE youth soccer, Devon Strafford Little League, summer day camps, Deepdale Civic Association events, fireworks on the 4th of July in Wilson Farm Park and listened to the great music of the summer concert series.

Raffi's focus is on Community First and how best to address the needs of Tredyffrin including: public safety and enhancing support for our fire and EMS personnel, historic preservation and advancing an historic ordinance to protect historic and cultural resources, addressing gaps in infrastructure including storm water management and making sure that taxpayer funds are managed with accountability and transparency. He is a Board member of the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust and a member of the Tredyffrin Parks and Recreation Board. Raffi has participated in a community stakeholder session as part of the Center for Public Safety Excellence Strategic Plan Project for Radnor Fire Company. He is also an active member of the St. Katharine of Siena parish community in Wayne, PA.

Raffi is deeply committed to Tredyffrin Township and welcomes the opportunity to serve as a Township Supervisor.



Peter DiLullo

Township Supervisor (District 3)

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Peter DiLullo lives in the Summerhill neighborhood with his wife Alexis and three daughters (ages ten, eight, and four) and has been a Tredyffrin Township resident for the past eight years. Peter’s children attend T/E schools and participate in township sports programs.  Peter is a CPA (inactive) and real estate professional working for LCOR, headquartered in Tredyffrin Township, for the past 13 years. Peter and his family attend Christ Community Church where Peter regularly teaches Sunday school.   The family enjoys swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading for the Wayne Wildcats, and skiing.


Living and working in Tredyffrin Township is a blessing and I want to make sure that my children and future generations can safely enjoy this community flush with history, open spaces, and award-winning schools.  With an audit and business background, I will focus on responsible use of resident tax dollars making sure that each decision is carefully considered and clearly shared with the tax payer.  Most importantly I pride myself in listening to all sides of a topic and making pragmatic decisions that benefit our community, our safety, and our financial resources.


Nick Lee

T/E School Board (Region 3)

Nick Lee comes from a family of educators and public policy makers. A graduate of Vanderbilt University's Peabody School of Education, Nick now serves as a teacher in Wilmington, DE having previously worked in consulting. Nick's wife teaches Ethics at Villanova University; they are members of St. Katharine of Siena in Wayne, PA where Nick serves on the Parish Council.


Ed Sweeney

T/E School Board (Region 2)

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What is my background?  I am married to Franny Ryan and we have a 12 year old daughter, Katie, in VFMS.  Franny put her law career on hold to raise Katie.  I own a small law firm, Wusinich & Sweeney, LLC, in Exton, with deep roots in Chester County.  I am a Plaintiff’s attorney who goes up against big insurance companies and corporations.  It makes me particularly sensitive to how big entities treat individuals.  For 25 years, I have served in various volunteer and official roles in the Chester County and Tredyffrin communities and at St. Isaac Jogues.  I value a good education.  I am a graduate of the highly ranked University of Chicago Law School where I met my wife, Franny.  I attended La Salle University on a Christian Brother’s Scholarship.  I graduated St. Joe’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia.  My parents sacrificed for me to attend the Prep and a private elementary school and hoped I would receive a scholarship.

In TESD, we need to preserve and improve what is great (including  a history of moderate taxation, a budget that has not deficit spend, and a history of being welcoming to all) and to correct what can be improved (what I would call charitably “institutional myopia,” most particularly in financial matters).  I believe our School Administration has two “weaknesses” which I have pushed to improve.  First, fiscal matters need to be absolutely transparent and accountable to the Board and through the Board to the public.  Our Board does not have a clear fiscal picture and we have the challenge that our student body has increased 20% in five years.  Second, the Administration can be top down and is perceived, rightly in my view, as often resistant to reasonable suggestions from the public-at-large. 

I ask humbly for your support and would advocate my candidacy as follows.  First, I will have had four years on-the-job Director experience as a productive board member dealing with often very difficult issues.  I am familiar with what has been done and what needs to be done.  Being on a volunteer Board is a unique skill set and I have many years of service on volunteer boards.  I am good at it.  I respect good ideas and listen for them.  Second, I recognize and continue to be the most major contributor on trying to address a weak spot at TESD – an occasional “institutional myopia.” I do so carefully because it is obvious we have one of the best public educational experiences in many areas in the nation.  This is my “role” on the Board and my job is a work-in-progress.  Third, I am an advocate and negotiator from a conservative perspective.  I fight for taxpayers, retired individuals and single income families.  If I can’t make a good tax deal, I vote against a budget.  TESD’s affordability is the key to attraction to our community.  Our fiscal prudence is a challenge.  Fourth, I have upheld the dignity and gravitas of this School Board in this professional community.  Board Directors set the example for our students, teachers, and administrators.  If elected governance can’t work here, it can’t work anywhere.  Finally, I want to make public schools comfortable for all students and families.  However, I draw the line at  proselytization. I have fought to keep partisan ideology out of our schools.

It has been thus a very great honor to try to serve the public well in the historic Valley Forge area as an elected School Director.   I try to serve in a way that brings credit to the district even when I push for improvement.  This district is exceptional.  I love interacting with the highly skilled people we hire, my talented colleagues, and the knowledgeable community members. 


Kate Murphy

T/E School Board (Region 3)

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Kate Murphy is one of the three members of the T/E Board of School Directors from Region III, and the only Republican.


First elected in 2015, Kate has chaired the Education, Policy, and Legislative committees and has developed a track record of questioning the status quo, building consensus, and advancing policies that are good for our students and our community. Specifically, she's led efforts to re-evaluate and update our reading curriculum, supported initiatives on diversity and inclusion to better address equity, and encouraged our administration to think strategically about how decisions we are making today will affect decisions future boards will be making in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years.


Kate lives in Berwyn and is a mother of three kids in T/E schools.  Kate and her husband John are both graduates of Conestoga High School and Cornell University.  Kate has worked in professional marketing and communications positions for major international law firms in Los Angeles and Boston.  She’s on the board of FLITE, and she’s active with local groups like ARCH, BUILD, the Upper Main Line YMCA, and district PTOs. 


Kate thinks our public schools can be both excellent and affordable.


This fall, Kate is running for reelection because she hopes to continue to work on your behalf for our students and taxpayers.  Like you, she has high expectations for our administration, teachers, and kids.  Learning is our business.  The challenge is to always get better.

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