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Primary Message from TTRC Chair

Dear TTRC Friends and Supporters:

Thanks to all of our fellow Republicans who came out and voted in the Primary on May 16. We cannot keep Tredyffrin great without the support of each and every one of you. With your help, we nominated outstanding Republican candidates for Supervisor At-Large, (Robin Bond a Pa. Superlawyer from Chesterbrook, and Raffi Terzian, a physician and health care expert from the Deepdale neighborhood; for Supervisor in District 2 (Beth Coppola, an accomplished real estate agent from Berwyn); and for School Board (Doug Anestad of Chesterbrook, an experienced former teacher and education advocate). All will be major assets to our community institutions. They are already working closely with our Republican supervisors and school board members to master the issues and make sure that Tredyffrin stays on the path of fiscal responsibility and and community responsiveness.

Thanks to Liz Mercogliano for her vigorous efforts to get on the November ballot for District Justice for part of our township and part of East Whiteland. While we are disappointed that Liz's name will not be on the ballot, we congratulate sitting DJ Analisa Sondergaard, who will likely serve for another six years, and Scott Dorsey, who will serve for another four years on the T/E School Board for Region 1.

Much has been made of the Democratic effort to increase the turnout in this year's primary, and I am sure all of our Republican voters noticed the increased presence of Democrats at the polls. From my observation, this was based upon a hostility to the results of the recent Presidential election, rather than any real need for "change" at the County or Township level, much less any new ideas of how our Schools and our Township could be run better under increased Democratic leadership. To the contrary, your local Republicans have the ideas, and some ill-defined notions of "change" or "payback" or "resistance" are not among them. Apparently, "change" at the local level means something like needlessly stockpiling taxpayer dollars without purpose (as happened in Lower Merion); bald-faced local corruption (as is happening in Philadelphia and elsewhere); and the nomination and probable election of a Democrat District Attorney candidate in our neighboring city who proudly proclaims (and is nominated on) the need for prosecuting law-enforcement officials rather than criminals. In other words, turning good government on its head.

We Republicans in Tredyffrin feel differently, to say the least. We believe that most problems are best addressed and solved on the local level, without burdensome interference from the State or Federal government, and without everything being all about national politics all of the time. We believe in individual freedom (particularly freedom of thought and expression), balanced with a healthy respect for law enforcement to where crimes are committed or danger threatened. And we believe in doing the hard work of listening to the various interests and -- most of all -- the taxpayers about how best to balance such other critical matters as development and open spaces, prudent taxation and necessary services, education and administration. Our record of executing on these principles is why we can rightly and truly claim that Republican-led government has made Chester County and, particularly, Tredyffrin Township the envy of the state, if not the nation.

If you believe as we do, please engage with our Republican candidates as they walk door to door throughout the coming months, and come out and support them all in November. With your help we will keep Tredyffrin great!

All the best,
Neill Kling
Tredyffrin Republican Chair

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