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TTRC Holiday Message

I write this message in response to the vitriol that I am seeing from the national Democratic Party, much of which seems to have trickled down to the Tredyffrin Democrats.

Locally, the last couple of weeks brought us a very expensive County hand recount for the presidential race that produced exactly ... nothing. The local Democratic Committees (including Tredyffrin’s) actively sought petition signatures in each precinct to force this recount. It cost close to $20,000.

I note that, on their Facebook page, the Tredyffrin Democrats are waxing ecstatic about how many of their like-minded colleagues from all over the county (indeed, the country) descended upon Voter Services to observe, but what they do not mention is the outcome.  The certified results of the recount show that Donald Trump lost 33 votes, Hillary Clinton lost 12 votes, and Jill Stein lost six votes.  That’s about $900 for each of the 21 votes Hillary Clinton netted. Moreover, the 51 votes that changed are a statistically insignificant amount (0.002% rounding up) of the 275,000 cast in the county.  Put another way, local Democrats advanced the football an imperceptible fraction of a millimeter from the line of scrimmage.  Likewise, the hoped-for statewide recount proved to be a tardy joke, and was promptly thrown out by the Federal Court.  But the local Democrats made our hard-working County voter services work incredible extra hours on the weekend because they couldn’t accept the election result.

What we are seeing at the national level is even more egregious – an attack against the Constitutional method for electing our presidents, which then curiously morphed into a plea to individual electors to thwart the will of the people in their states. This charade invokes the name of Alexander Hamilton because he is the subject of some hip Broadway musical or something.  The usual celebrities have come out in force, pleading with you from the TV screen.  The real Mr. Hamilton certainly would not have approved of the anarchy that the Democrats now propose, and he and the other authors of the Federalist Papers (Messers. Madison and Jay) were ardent believers in the importance of states to the makeup of the national government (we are, after all, the United “States”).  This belief is precisely what the Constitution’s Electoral College preserves when we come together to choose a Chief Executive under Article II, as when we choose a Congress under Article I.  Nevertheless, at his pre-vacation press conference on Friday, President Obama described the entire structure (including the apportionment of Senators in Article I) as a “vestige” and a “carryover” from the time of the founding fathers, which “put a lot of premium on states” and thereby “disadvantage[s] Democrats.”  Our governing document that he pledged to uphold and the underlying wisdom of the founders should not be dismissed so cavalierly.

For its part, our local Democrat committee linked to some letter writing campaign to inundate Trump electors with letters and e-mails encouraging them to fail to abide by the will of the people.  Even the linked-to website admitted this had no chance of succeeding, but what fun some think it would be to delegitimize the president-elect!  To the contrary, we need to give the new President, Donald J. Trump, a chance.  He is putting together a strong cabinet that is committed to keeping the country safe, protecting our Constitutional form of government, and getting all Americans back to work.

The hyper-partisan hysteria that these futile efforts show is a particular feature of modern Democratic politics, along with a decades-long imbalance in favor of devotion to an overbearing federal government that is insensitive to the needs of communities outside of the large urban areas.  This partisanship is amplified with the giant megaphone of complicit media outlets.  However, the point of the recent election is that many people have simply had enough of it – which is why we elected as president a man who is proud to call himself an outsider who has never held a governmental position for a single second of his life.  The question is whether, going forward, we only ratchet up the politics, or try to prove our political worth through effective, well-considered governance. Tredyffrin and Chester County Democrats continue to indulge in the former.  Tredyffrin and Chester County Republicans continue to aspire to the latter.

Government runs very well in Chester County and in Tredyffrin Township.  Republican governance is what has made Chester County, and particularly Tredyffrin, the envy of all Pennsylvania.  Our county is the top in all relevant categories.  Our township and school district are both ranked at or near the top of every list as well. Our predecessors have given us a magnificent reputation to preserve and maintain, and we take that very seriously.

However, for the moment, let’s leave this all aside and enjoy the holiday season.  I wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate, and a Happy New Year to all.  May you continue to have many blessings.

Neill Kling, Chair, Tredyffrin Township Republican Committee
Clare Jameson, TTRC Vice Chair
Paul Billman, Area 23 Chair
Doren Connors, Area 22 Chair
Ed Sweeney, Committeeman

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